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Noonya Olugero

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Akubaguliza, oyagala wa kigwo

L  He is warning you discreetly; do you prefer a wrestler

M You Should always heed a foreboding rather than waiting to be deterred by random violence

Yongera Okumanya


Akuba owuwe, akuba awumba engalo

L  A parent who beats his own, uses closed hands(like in prayer)

M Parents are sometimes reluctant to discipline their kids

Yongera Okumanya


Akuddira mu luyimba, alwonoona

L  One who repeats or makes a rendition of your song, distorts it

M One who repeats a story either over exaggerates or understates certain facts depending on his bias

Yongera Okumanya


Akufumbira ey'omutwe, omufumbira yabigere, mwenna nemwenkanya evuumbe

L  When one cooks for you the animal's head, you should cook for them hooves,so that both of you may experience the strong smell as a result of the cooking process

M Tit for Tat

Yongera Okumanya


Akugoba, yakuwa ekkubo

L  One who chases you also shows you the escape route

M When you experience seemingly insurmountable hardship, you ought to devise means of alleviating the problem. By persevering through such hardships, one can eventually find a workable solution

Yongera Okumanya


Akukola obubi, omukolera bulungi

L  One who does to you evil you repay them by doing them good

M Never reciprocate Evil with Evil.Two wrongs don't make a right

Yongera Okumanya


Akulabako akatono, akira alagiriza

L  One who visits you briefly, is better than one who sends greetings

M People value the fact that you took off time to see them.

Yongera Okumanya


Akumanyi omuze, takuganya kwetonda(oba nkumanyi muze)

L  One who knows your usual bad behavior, gives you no chance to apologize

M People tend to judge others depending on what they did in the past.

Yongera Okumanya


Akunoonya amewola, takunoonya masasula

L  One who searches for you when he needs a loan, doesn't search for you when his payment is due

M The Motive to borrow is stronger than that for paying the debt, which must sometimes be settled in court

Yongera Okumanya


Akusigula, takugula

L  One who encourages you to do mischief, does not pay for your deeds when you get caught

M One Who encourages you to perform a forbidden act, will not bail you out when you suffer the consequences

Yongera Okumanya


Akussera emisana,nawe omuseera ekiro

L  One who cheats you during the day, you cheat them during the night

M Tit for Tat

Yongera Okumanya


Akusinga eka, ne mu kibira

L  One who is your superior in the home remains your superior in the forest

M Superiority doesn't change regardless of the time or place

Yongera Okumanya


Akusinga, akukubya gw'okutte(omuggo)

L  A person stronger than you will beat you with the stick that you are holding

M A stronger attacker can easily disarm a weaker opponent

Yongera Okumanya


Akusokasoka akwogeza ky'osirikidde

L  One who constantly probes you can make you say what you had originally decided to concel

M People will always prove and probe you for the purpose of getting to know what you have concelled

Yongera Okumanya


Akusubiiza, akari akumma

L  One who keeps promising you is much better than one who parts with nothing

M A promise gives hope, while a refusal produces despair

Yongera Okumanya


Akutwaala ekiro, omusiima bukedde

L  One who takes you out at night, he can only be appreciated the following day

M Since people do not want to be disturbed at the night, travelling after darkness falls should only be done when it is warranted. This proverb also refers to guidance: it is often undervalued at the time it's given and get to be appreciated much later

Yongera Okumanya


Akuwa akatono, akira akumma

L  One who gives you a small item, is better than one who parts with nothing

M Sometimes giving some a small thing is not good at all, it is better if u don't give them anything

Yongera Okumanya


Atalukutambulire Etanda Akussibira ya meenvu

L  Someone who will not walk the journey with you gives you bananas as a food for the Journey

M Many atimes people tend not to understand the gravity of a situation and tend to offer help who effect is not substantial

Yongera Okumanya


Akuwa, gw'owa

L  One who shows you generosity is one who you are generous to

M Generosity is reciprocated

Yongera Okumanya


Akuwaniriza okulinnya,bw'ogwa y'akuyita kaddi wannema

L  One who encourages you to climb -higher - is the one who calls you a cripple when you fall

M What sometimes people say is driven by insincere motives

Yongera Okumanya

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