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Akaliba akendo,okalanira ku mukonda

L  What will become a small calabash can be recognized by the long handle

M The Qualities of an individual can be noticed at an ear;y age

Yongera Okumanya


Akalina Abiri, otegaka Kalaba

L  An animal or bird with two eyes,watches observantly as you set its trap

M You cannot trick a smart person

Yongera Okumanya


Akaluuma munno,bw'okalaba akookya muliro

L  When see an insect or reptile that bit your friend,you should burn it

M When you have judged something to be dangerous,you should destroy it completely, to ensure that no body gets harmed by it

Yongera Okumanya


Akanaaffa,tekawulira(oba tikafuyirwa) ngombe

L  What is destined to die in a given moment will not heed to any warning

M There are situations where your drive is so much that no amount of persuasion can deter you. Sometimes the results are catastrophic

Yongera Okumanya


Akasirikiriro,Kalwanya eminya

L  Silence Makes the Lizards fight

M A person who is confronted with all kinds of words while first stay silent but abruptly erupt when he releases the built up tension

Yongera Okumanya


Akasolo tekannafa,nti omukira gwajjembe

L  The Animal has not yet died and you are already reserving its tail as your charm

M Having to much eagerness to become the beneficiary of a coveted object, can cause one to prematurely articulate one's preferences

Yongera Okumanya


Akasuka ky'alina,taba mutitiizi

L  One who throws whatever he is carrying is not a coward

M When someone wants to defend himself, he will arm himself with what ever he has at his disposal

Yongera Okumanya


Akatiko kakaasa ettaka, ng'osima?

L  The mushroom has just broken the ground, and you are already harvesting

M Instead of reacting hastily with little or no prior information, you use self-restraint and act only when the circumstances are favourable

Yongera Okumanya


Akatono ak'omukwaano,kasinga ekinene eky'empaka

L  A small deed rendered because of friendship, is better than a great one that is done due to compulsion

M A sincere gift no matter how small is always appreciated more than a force one

Yongera Okumanya


Akatono, kekaza omukwaano

L  A Small gift Strengthens a friendship

M Small gifts are of incredible value and their impact in strengthening friendships cannot be overlooked

Yongera Okumanya


Akatono, Kazira mu liiso

L  A Small thing, is rejected in the Eye

M A Small gift should always be appreciated

Yongera Okumanya


Akatekanga, kekafa omutego

L  An Animal that is careless,gets killed in a trap

M Prudence is very important in every endeavor;it forestalls common mistakes

Yongera Okumanya


Akatono Akatuuse, kakira ekinene ekisuubize

L  A small thing that has already been delivered is better than a big thing that is just in a promise

M Accept the little that is offered to you, rather than waiting for a promised gift of greater value;the latter might necessitate several reminders before it is delivered

Yongera Okumanya


Akawuulu akagezi;kagenda okunywa ogw'obusogozi nga kamaze okweyalira

L  A wise bachelor goes out to drink after making his bed

M In anticipation of drunkenness , he makes his bed beforehand, since there is nobody to assist him should he return inebriated

Yongera Okumanya


Akesimbira,tikaba kato

L  One who builds his own house can not be considered to be young

M Building a house does demonstrate maturity and independence. A home owner regardless of the age is considered to be grown up

Yongera Okumanya


Akiika embuga, amanya ensonga

L  The attendant in a chief's court is well-informed

M Before the advent of modern communication, the chief's court was the main conduit for news and current affairs.

Yongera Okumanya


Akivaamu, y'akiyita ekyato

L  One who has reached the shore-upon disembarking-is the one who calls the canoe a useless vessel

M A desperate person seeks the assistance of many people; but when his problem is resolved he pokes fun at the shortcomings(limitations) of his benefactors, by calling them all sorts of names. This depicts utter ingratitude

Yongera Okumanya


Akola bikolemu, ng'atikkula ava emugga

L  He is doing what has already been done, like the one who removes a water pot from the head of the person who fetched the water from the well

M One who adds less value to a task will overrate the importance of his contribution, and may even perceive them as being equal in significance to those who performed the back breaking work

Yongera Okumanya


Akoseza emikono gye,tabulwa ky'aalya

L  One who uses his hands, can't fail to find what to eat

M Dexterity is a skill that guarantees gainful employment

Yongera Okumanya


Akuba endeka mwoyo,ng'addabiriza ogwafa

L  He is speaking calmly about an unpleasant experience, like somebody who is attempting to mend a broken relationship

M When one is attempting to mend a broken relationship, he speaks tactfully so as not to jeopardize his objective

Yongera Okumanya

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