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Asenguka, akwaliza bisulo

L  One who moves his residence to another village, increases the number of places where you can stay

M To be added

Yongera Okumanya


Asibula ng'omuyala, weraba tata

L  He begs to leave, like a hungry person who bids farewell without end

M Although the hungry visitor constantly expresses a desire to leave, he wants the host to persuade him to stay for lunch and hopes that this will speed up the cooking process

Yongera Okumanya


Asimira embwa lumonde, gw'etwaza

L  One who cultivates sweet potatoes for the dog, is the one whom the dog obeys

M A dog obeys whoever feeds it

Yongera Okumanya


Asitukiddemu, ng'eyatega ogw'ekyaayi

L  He rose and left immediately, like someone who has set a trap with banana fibers

M One must be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of different en devours and be able to salvage them appropriately

Yongera Okumanya


Atagala ng'obusajja bw'e Bulemeezi, bulekerera okulwanira enswa nebulwanira, nti envubo eno ggwe wagisima?

L  He is as undecided as the men from Bulemeezi : instead of fighting for the white ants, they fight for the nvubo, while saying 'was it you who dug this hole'

M This proverb warns us of not being people who simply bicker but rather be who have purpose in everything they do

Yongera Okumanya


Atajjukira byadda, tagaba

L  One who does not remember the past , is not generous.

M We must remember those who assisted us in the past and reward them periodically

Yongera Okumanya


Atya Omusana, talya bwami

L  One who fears the sun, cannot become the chief

M A person who shuns undesirable chores cannot achieve greatness

Yongera Okumanya


Asiba embuzi ku lubirabira, y'aluvuwaza engo

L  Onee who tethers his goat at the foot of the forest, entices the leopard to become greedy

M A person who conspicuously exposes his wealth, merely tempts others to take it forcefully( it can be said about ladies who dress inappropriately)

Yongera Okumanya


Asika obulamu, tassa mukono

L  One who roasts life, never lays down his roasting hand

M God puts life through different challenges - poverty, war, disease as if He want to taste a person's resilience. In the end, however, the body succumbs and the person dies

Yongera Okumanya


Asuubira, akira aloota

L  One who has hope is better than a dreamer

M It is better to have hope that inspires you to act than to keep building castles in the air

Yongera Okumanya


Asimira munne Obuunya, y'asooka okubugwaamu

L  One who digs a trap for a friend is the first to fall into it

M A person who conspires to harm other will be the first to fall victiom

Yongera Okumanya


Atakirambudde, y'akiyita ekigumba

L  One who does not inspect the mushroom site frequently, is the one who says the site is barren

M One should have concrete facts before one attempts to make a sweeping statement or conclusive opinion

Yongera Okumanya


Atamuzadde, amutikka ejjinja

L  One who is not a parent of the child, is one who puts a heavy stone on his heard

M A parent is considerate and cannot make his child carry heavy loads, work for prolonged hours or operate in risky conditions

Yongera Okumanya


Ataakwalize nganfa, akulaga kifo, nti oyo agenze muganda wo

L  One who will not increase the number of your relatives, shows you a place that was occupied by one - after he has just left

M to be added

Yongera Okumanya


Atakwagala, akumanyiiza ya kibuga

L  One who doesn't like you, says that you are used to the scarce food of the town

M In villages - where food originates from - people will eat to their fill;they enjoy a variety of dishes and food is never rationed. This is not the case in the cities

Yongera Okumanya


Atakwagala, awerekedde akubanja

L  One who dislikes you, is escorting your creditor

M The person is being advised to exercise caution, since neither of the two will speak well of him

Yongera Okumanya


Atali nnyini mwanna, tamufirira

L  One who is not the parent of the child, cannot die for them

M People always tend to have a unique attached to things that are theirs

Yongera Okumanya


Atalliiwo, tagwirwa muti

L  One who is absent cannot be hit by a falling tree

M An Absent person escapes catastrophes that occur in their absence but also will miss the good things

Yongera Okumanya


Atamanyi mpewo y'emagombe, y'amma omufu olubugo

L  One who does not know the coldness of the underworld, denies a dead person a burial wrapper

M The proverbs teaches as to be empathetic to those who are in bereavement

Yongera Okumanya


Atalina muka mwaana, yekamwaana yekka

L  One who has no daughter-in-law, just has to learn to do without one

M A woman with no daughter-in-law, has no option but to pamper her self

Yongera Okumanya

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