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Atalukugendere, entanda akusibira y'amenvu

L  One who will not undertake a journey on your behalf,packs bananas for your travel food

M Somebody who doesn't have to perform a certain task, tends to be indifferent to the needs of those who must perform it

Yongera Okumanya


Atalutambudde, nti kakano badda

L  One who has traveled with others keeps on saying 'they are now on the return journey'

M This person cannot understand the hardships that might be encountered on the journey. They assume the trip was seamless and everything was as planned

Yongera Okumanya


Atamanyi byakusaaga, emmese bw'emusaba ekigwo addira muggo

L  One who does not appreciate jokes, if challenged by a rat to a wrestling Match, he picks a stick instead

M A person who is ignorant about jokes thinks every joke is an insult, when ever someone jokes with him, he picks up a fight

Yongera Okumanya


Atambula sserubu, ng'akwanye ow'okumpi

L  He goes to a place repeatedly, like a person who has a girlfriend in the neighbourhood

M The man keeps calling his girlfriend and can track her movements in order to meet her wherever she may be

Yongera Okumanya


Atamukutte, y'agamba nti kwatira ddala onyweze oba nti megga, tugende

L  The person who is not wrestling is the one who says 'hold him tight' or 'throw him down lets go'

M A bystander cannot appreciate the strength of an opponent or the pain that someone endures while wrestling.It is easier said than done

Yongera Okumanya


Atamusuza, y'amutenda eggonjebwa

L  One who does not live with a person,always praises him for his gentle manners

M People tend to be gentle with outsiders, than the people they live with

Yongera Okumanya


Atamwa omukwano omukadde, nga n'omugya aligutamwa

L  One who get tired of an old friendship, will similarly get tired of a new friendship

M We ought to keep true the olden friendships for they will inspire us to sustain the newer ones

Yongera Okumanya


Atannayitaayita, y'ateenda nnyina okufumba

L  One who hasn't visited other people's homes praises his mother as the best cook

M Lack of experience (exposure) affects one's ability to properly evaluate other people's skills

Yongera Okumanya


Atannaziraba, y'asekerera ajeera

L  One who has not tasted sorrow is the one who laughs at someone suffering

M The mere fact that sorrow will befall someone any time, some people forget that and laugh at those who are in sorrow and forget that their day will soon come

Yongera Okumanya


Atalutambudde, y'aluyita olwangu

L  One who hasn't undertaken the journey thinks that the journey is easy

M One cannot judge the difficulty of a task simply by looking at the results: the sacrifices and related tribulations are not perceptible in the results

Yongera Okumanya


Atatya musajja munne, tawangaala

L  One who does not respect a fellow man, does not live long

M A person who underestimates the strength of a fellow man - when challenged may become overpowered and get crushed

Yongera Okumanya


Atavva nkoto, y'alopa entamu

L  One who does not leave the rear of the cooking place, will report on the condition of the cooking pot

M One often relies upon a closely connected person to identify another persons strengths or weaknessess

Yongera Okumanya


Atawone Bwaavu, agula bikadde

L  One who will remain in perpetual poverty, shops from secondhand dealers

M People who will be power forever tend to associate themselves with things of poor people

Yongera Okumanya


Atawulidde, talopa mbuga

L  One who has not heard anything - new, gossip has nothing to report to the chief

M One who lacks the knowledge/evidence on a case, cannot qualify to be a witness

Yongera Okumanya


Atayombera mukwaano,nga munne tamwagala

L  One who does not quarrel about a declining friendship, either does not love his friend, or does not care about the friendship anymore

M It is characteristic of people in love to defend it

Yongera Okumanya


Atazze mbwa ye ka, nti eyange eyigga n'ekiro

L  One who returns home without his dog, says 'my dog also hunts during the night'

M People always find ways of consoling themselves

Yongera Okumanya


Atega ogumu, tariira

L  One who sets just one trap, will have no guarantee of eating meat

M Rather than concentrating one's resources on a single outcome, it is more prudent to pursue multiple options

Yongera Okumanya


Atega akwaasa, teyeekanya kulambula

L  One whose trap never misses a catch, does not complain about frequent inspections of his traps

M People who achieve good results don't mind repeating those tasks that make them achieve good results

Yongera Okumanya


Atuli mu taano, ekumi likaata mpaawo

L  We have gripped him with five fingers; ten fingers can hold a calabash of beer

M The person has been caught red-handed and is being held with one hand, like a criminal

Yongera Okumanya


Atuma omukulu, tamagamaga

L  One who sends a message (solicits a favour) through a senior person , does not look around

M Because of the respect accorded to a senior, it is important to remain composed when soliciting a favor

Yongera Okumanya

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