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Amagezi, gakuweebwa muuno

L  Wisdom, is given to you by a friend

M When you are in a tight situation , seeking guidance from a friend is a good idea

Yongera Okumanya


Amagezi ntakke, ekuula y'buuka

L  Wisdom is like white ants, the one that matures flies away

M Wisdom is first conceived, contemplated, matures and is then shared(disseminated)

Yongera Okumanya


Amagezi muliro,bwe gukubula okima ewa munno

L  Wisdom is life fire:if you do not have any , you can fetch some from the neighbor

M If you are puzzled about something, you should consult a friend

Yongera Okumanya


Amaka abiri musango,olwanirira ag'e Kyaggwe nga ag'e Ssingo baganyaga

L  Having two homesteads is a problem: as you are struggling to maintain the home in Kyaggwe, the one is Ssingo is robbed from you

M An individual should only own property that they supervise

Yongera Okumanya


Amala okugwa,lw'amaya we yandiyise

L  After one has fallen is when he realizes where he should have passed to avoid that fall

M Experience is the best teacher,prevents someone from repeating their errors

Yongera Okumanya


Amala okusomoka, yerabira eyamusomesa

L  When one has crossed the river, he forgets the person that helped him

M Many people are assisted in various ways to achieve their goals.but quite often they forget the people whose help was critical to make those goals a reality

Yongera Okumanya


Amamese amangi,tigeesimira bunnya

L  Too many rats cannot dig a hole for themselves

M Too many people involved in one task may achieve substandard results because they either fail to reach a consensus.

Yongera Okumanya


Amampaati agegoloza omukadde,sso nga takyawanvuwa

L  Pride makes an old person stretch their back, whereas he can no longer grow tall

M Arrogance drives one to do outrageous things, in order to preserve a high profile or power

Yongera Okumanya


Amaziga amagya,gajjukiza amakadde

L  New Tears remind one of old tears

M A recent bereavement brings back the sorrow of a past bereavement

Yongera Okumanya


Amazina g'ekirevu, ogalabira ku mmere

L  The dance of a beard can be observed during mealtime.

M Although some individuals are quiet by disposition, there are certain moments that are capable of revealing their true colours

Yongera Okumanya


Amegga omunafu, tassako manyo

L  One who throws down a weak opponent in wrestling doesn't have to use teeth

M When one is tackling a simpler task, he doesn't need a lot of support

Yongera Okumanya


Amazzi bwe gakalira, gadda mu mwaala

L  When the water dries up, it returns to the middle of the stream

M During periods of drought the middle part of a stream retains some water: it does not become completely dry

Yongera Okumanya


Anakugoba ku nswa, nti tolya omulalu

L  One who want to scare you from eating the white ants will say, 'don't eat the madman!"

M A person who conspires to keep everything for himself, uses frightening language to scare others offf

Yongera Okumanya


Anakugya ennimi, ageya nnyoko ng'olaba(nga w'oli)

L  One who wants you to be referred to as sharp-tongued backbites your mother in your presence

M When one wants to test how well you can control your temper, he will talk ill of a person dear to you in your presence

Yongera Okumanya


Anakutiisa embuga, nti omwami yesaze akajegere

L  One who wants to scare you from the chief's courtyard, will say that the chief is in a very bad mood

M In order to discourage you from seeking the help of an influential person, someone could use all kinds of excuses- a busy schedule, poor health, a bad mood - all done out of spite to make it appear as though the person is unavailable

Yongera Okumanya


Anakuttira amaka, nti ogunnema gusula bweru

L  A woman interested in breaking one's marriage says, 'Work that is too much for me sleeps outside'.

M She is implying that no work can be considered too burdensome for her, yet she just wants to incite the husband to send his wife away

Yongera Okumanya


Anatera okumala, akoza avulunga

L  One who will soon finish eating, dips his food (in the container), without consideration for others

M A person who is about to desert his place of work(or home) behaves spitefully

Yongera Okumanya


Asaba omunafu, asaba atoola

L  One who asks from a weak person, asks while picking

M One who does not expect any resistance when taking something from weak person

Yongera Okumanya


Asasira omunaku, y'amuliza

L  One who sympathizes with a bereaved person, makes him weep

M The expression of sympathy brings back memories of the loss

Yongera Okumanya


Asenga omwami,tagayaala

L  A person who moves into the chief's residence, cannot afford to remain lazy

M There is plenty to do in a chief's house, because there are always several people in the household and a large number of visitors

Yongera Okumanya

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